Sunday, May 12, 2013


About mid April I planned ahead for our garden knowing that time was going to run out if I didn't get our seeds started indoors.  There were still snow flurries here and there. We rigged a mini greenhouse right in our living room.  Dollar tree solo cups work perfect for growing seeds. Kirk clamped the grow lights on cinder blocks and I put the cups with slits in the bottom in one of the snow sleds.  Perfect for holding water overflow. I did decide to cover it with foil mostly to keep the light inside for the plants to use. It worked beautifully! And helped to keep the warmth in.  The cherry tomatoes germinated in three days. A week for the romas, broccoli, and brussel sprouts. It took much, much longer for the peppers.
Four weeks later, we have full grown plants that you spend money for at Home Depot.
I am so excited. The sled idea has worked out great. I can slide it in and out the sliding door. It makes it really easy for Victoria to handle. 

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