Sunday, May 12, 2013

I win the GOLD!

Homeschooling and Motherhood brings many blessings and many challenges.
Many times over the past years.....
I have felt like I deserved a Gold Medal for enduring a day with its many challenges.
Kirk and I have had a little joke between us for years since watching 101 Dalmations with Glenn Close as Cruela DeVil. Her three thugs did something really dumb and got them caught by the police. They were sitting in the back of the police van and Cruela said "Congratulations, you just won the gold, silver and bronze in the moron olympics!" And Horace asked, "Who won the Gold?"
I love that part. So whenever Kirk and I did something stupid or ridiculous, we would ask the other "who won the gold?"
Well, many, many times, I have told Kirk before he even gets home from work, that I deserve a Gold Medal for the day. It lets him know that there were severe challenges that would send a normal mother over the edge into the great abyss or the funny farm.
For Mother's Day, my children  have blessed me with my very own Gold Medal!
I almost cried but I was so proud of my Gold Medal that I flew from being emotional to exstatic!
It is quite the honor to finally win the gold. Kaleb this year has been the one to attempt to send me over the edge. It is that hormonal 13 year old boy body that does it. I know at some time he will be normal again......some day. But me? I will be changed forever. I will never be the same. I spend every day teaching my kids but really, they spend every single day teaching me how to be a better mom. I fail many times, but I always come out okay. And we always end up a little closer. I end up understanding them a little more. I still don't get teenage boys at time but that's okay. I know he will grow into a wonderful man. Jared has already jumped the fence into young adulthood and is proving to be a very responsible and respectful man. I know Kaleb will too. It is still hard looking Up to my boys (they are taller than me) and seeing facial hair. Kind of freaky.
I do know that by the time Victoria makes it to adulthood and has won an Oscar in the Academy Awards in Drama, I will probably have completely white hair and have won a Gold Medal many times over.
Motherhood is all about loving your kids while you train them up. And I will sacrifice everything I have over and over and over.......

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