Friday, October 30, 2015

Busy Days

 Both babies have these beautiful blue eyes. They got them from their father who's name was Elvis. He was all white with blue eyes. The mother had markings similar to Jacks with brown eyes. We have gotten so used to seeing blue eyes that now when we see a goat with brown eyes, we think they look weird. Jacks is always wanting to suck my fingers. He is definitely a bottle fed baby.
 We call Victoria, Goat Mama.
When they call for their bottles it sounds like they are yelling Maaa, Maaa
It's cute
 It is such a relief that they are both eating their fill now.
We are learning so much taking care of these sweet little goats.
 Lizzy, the climber taking a selfie.
She is a very curious little critter. They both like to nibble and taste almost anything. Lizzy seems to really like Victoria's pony tail.

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