Friday, October 30, 2015

Biking Mantua

Our first Science outing was biking around Mantua to retrieve water samples from various areas of the reservoir.
 There are griebs that dive for fish and have floating nests. They are amusing birds to watch especially during mating season when they swim upright next to their new mate.
 It was very peaceful around the back side of the reservoir.
 I love this picture. It makes me think of how God has us on a journey but we really don't know where it leads because we can't see the end.

We found a nice place to sit and watch the birds. we collected water samples which we observed under the microscope when we got home. We found euglenas, parameciums, volvox, and yucky worms. Those creeped me out because they were avoiding the light.
We also got a chance to draw in our field guides that we are working on this year.
I love having the freedom to take our learning outside.

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