Friday, October 30, 2015

Jared the Jungle Gym

 The babies spent 5 weeks sleeping and playing in the kitchen. I was actually relieved to have a worn out, ugly kitchen. I wasn't too worried when Jacks and Lizzy found a way on to the counter top and ran across the stove or when they dumped their alfalfa hay on to the floor or had an accident of their little goat berries all over the floor.
The babies looked forward to Jared coming home after work and sitting on the bench in the kitchen. He was always filthy so that was pretty much the only safe place for him to sit.
It always got Lizzy excited....she is our climber and found great amusement jumping on and off Jared's legs. It was great practice.
 Jared acts like they are a big bother but really we think he finds them amusing and cute too.

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