Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Camping in Cub River

We had a wonderful time camping at the Cub River with some other families from church. We did lots of relaxing, watching horse shoe tournaments, hunting for snakes, holding a beautiful baby, breathing lots of fresh air and managing to avoid washing dishes the entire weekend. I think that was the best part. I felt like I was on vacation and I was determined to get the most out of it.
 I'm so glad these snakes are harmless.
 They're so cute when they are tiny.
 This water was freezing but the girls were hot. So I guess it didn't matter.
 Karl taught the kids how to play Mexican Train dominoes. I was on vacation so I was sure not to be thinking too hard. It looked like a fun game but would have taken me too much brain power to keep up. I was very content to just watch.
 We took the kids up to the beginning of this natural spring. I kept looking at how much water was coming down not sure if it really was coming from this natural spring or not.
 This seems to be quite a bit of water. It made me wonder if this is how much water sprung from the rock that the Israelites witnessed when Abraham hit the rock with his staff.
 All this water is just seeping out of the ground and rushing downhill.
 It is just pouring out from between all the crevices and rocks.
The weekend turned out to be a wonderful time to spend with family and friends.
I feel like we are just buying time before Daphne and Jared are unable to come with us on these family outings. And just a matter of time before Kaleb won't be able to. I grab at every chance we can get to be together as a family.
 Every moment counts.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pictures Pam...sounds like you guys had a lovely time. I totally understand what you mean by making the most of it. Time goes by so fast!!!