Friday, May 4, 2012

21 Years Today!

This is a picture of two people,
two very young people,
who fell in love,
completely naive to what is ahead of them,
not knowing what lay ahead,
not knowing what life would bring......
This is a picture of the same couple,
who are no longer naive to what was ahead of them LONG AGO...
Who have donned themselves with armor,
and have survived many long years of battle
who have wrestled many, many years with the wild life
(you try to stuff an octopus in a bag, Jared)
who have endured the deserts in life,
and crime.
And through it all,
through 21 years of the knot bound together,
they are still smiling,
still laughing,
still sharing,
still loving.
Notice that "I" have the bigger weapon!


Katherine said...

Congratulations Pam and Kirk. You two are amazing people and parents. You need a current photo (of real people). Wow, I see Daphne in Kirk. You two are so cute. It's exciting to look back and see what you two have been through together and know that you have overcome. That is great.

Janetsummit123 said...

What a great way to celebrate an anniversary. The lego people are such a great idea - and I laughed out loud about how you have the bigger weapon, Pam. I am so glad that you've moved here and that we can be friends.