Sunday, October 2, 2011

School still in session!

In spite of everything that is going on in our lives,
we have managed to still start our school year.
Even Daphne has two online classes that she has been keeping up with. 
I am really proud of the kids dedication to maintaining some sort of a school schedule
no matter what it might be.
It has it's challenges.  Everyone has their own box of books along with whatever supply one might need.  Nothing like traveling around town with a box of chemistry supplies or a tub of math blocks in the back of the van.
All five of us are staying in Blue's room.   We fit really well.  Victoria's hair was met with the first rays of sunshine of the morning.  Her hair sizzled in the sunshine.
We each had a place to sleep.  Our bags fit perfectly under the beds.
Zeus would sneak up the stairs and hang out with us during school time.  Victoria was trying to write and he kept gnawing on her pencil eraser.  He is so cute.  I had to keep reminding the boys to not wrestle with him so hard.  He is so tiny compared to our dogs.  It is funny though how he keeps coming back for more.  He never gets enough of play time.
Victoria calls this "Outside School". 
The weather is obviously beautiful. 
Otherwise we would not have been outside doing our school work.
It is so peaceful and quiet...listening to the crickets and the hens.
We accomplish quite a bit outside until a breeze kicks up or a grasshopper jumps onto your book. 
A nice break from the heat of the desert.

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