Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In Search for a Rental...

While the kids and I are trying to find a house to rent that will accept pets,
we are staying in Malad, Idaho with my cousin Kathy and her family. 
The five of us fit in Blue's room with a queen, a double, a daybed and two cots.  It is actually pretty roomy. Thank you Blue for moving into Sundi's old room. 
The first day we were there it poured rain and stormed all night.
It was awesome!
 In the midst of house hunting we rode one of Kathy's neighbors horse. 
When you live in the country, the neighbor lives down the street and around the corner.
I hadn't been on a horse in 20+ years.  It was amazeing. 
These horses were funny to watch. 
The horse Daphne was riding, named Joe, was walking around the alfalfa field.
I think his pasture mates were becoming envious of the possibility of having a nibble of that grass.
They wanted to make sure that they didn't miss out on anything, just in case they might get some too.
The horse on the far left was the mother to the dark one in the middle. 
She looked like her hair was bleached.
Thank you Kathy for making arrangements for us to ride a horse.
It was fun.
Jared was back at the house getting accustomed to the thought of what was going on in our lives. 
He hates not knowing what is next.
With our Heavenly Father, you never know what is next!

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