Monday, September 5, 2011

Sun + Flower

I had copied this clever little worksheet on Compound Art out of a library book. 
I started to talk to Victoria through the first one explaining that
the rain cloud + a cute bow = a rainbow.
So I start to explain the next one to her and she is really sure of herself that she could probably do the next one on her own.  She's pretty smart so she really was sure of herself that she could figure it out.  Okay, here goes.  I said Sun + Flower .......before I could even say the word "equals", Victoria blurted out really loud  "Means DEAD!"
We all laughed hysterically knowing that almost everything we try to grow really struggles to survive in this heat.
I said "no silly, look at it again.... Sun+ Flower EQUA:LS...and Victoria responds with..."it means dead Mom, haven't you seen my tomato plant lately?!"
I have to admit that it is pretty crispy and we have pretty much given up on the poor thing.  I explained to her that Sun + Flower equals "Sunflower"...get it?
With a huge smile on her face and a look of "AHH HAA" she said OOOOHHHHH!

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Katherine said...

This is great, the pure innocence and simplicity of children. I loved this.