Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Two Men and a Truck

We have been blessed by a friend of ours passing down boxes to us. 
Quite a few of them were never used.  How awesome to have clean boxes. 
To Kaleb it means a blank canvas.
I was laying in bed one morning staring at the stack of boxes in our bedroom and noticed that some of the men in the truck were different than others.
I later caught Kaleb with a sharpie hard at work. 
I didn't really have to guess or catch who had used their creative skills to enhance the label.
It is always pretty obvious as to who's doodle it was.
I found these through out the house.
The guys on the right look like little Amish men.
 Then you have a little chemist and a magician. 
I think the guy on the right has an afro.

 A welder with a freaked out driver!
The next guys are brushing their teeth.  I guess they are multi-taskers.
 Then you have the men actually using a "map".  I was very impressed.
I like the flat tire.
 Farmers and musicians...
 I want to know what the dynamite would be used for.
The driver on the right is holding the steering wheel that came loose.
Drivers with their cup of "Joe".
Drivers with hamburgers and fries.
I think these last guys are priests.
I loved finding these little doodles.  Kaleb makes me smile.

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