Monday, March 27, 2017

Winter Dog Agility Trials

Kaleb and Victoria ran Sammy and Henry in the Winter Agility Trials.
All the dogs were rusty from being cooped up all winter
 but did great and had a wonderful time.
This was Sammy's first time aside from just regular practice. 
The second time around you could tell that he was enoying himself. It was so cute.
 Henry was.....well, he was Henry! He was so excited to be there that he wouldn't listen to Victoria at all. Most of the other kids all have pure bred dogs that are bred for obedience.
Henry is a mutt and stubborn and super smart....and stubborn!
Victoria actually has to work harder than most because Henry is a challenge.
On a good day he is super speedy, but today he had other plans.
 My OCD Germaphobe son chose the dog shampoo as his prize for Sammy.

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