Monday, March 27, 2017

Our new baby!

We have a new baby! This is Sven. We picked him up when he was only hours old and have been bottle feeding him. Our friend's goat had a tough time giving birth to this little guy and his sister( who didn't make it). They were both really big. In fact they were the same size as the kids that were born three weeks ago. Our friend couldn't bottle feed with two little ones of her own under the age of 3 and the other does are about to give birth. Sven's poor mama is actually doing quite well considering how hard it had been for her in labor.
He is the sweetest little guy.
He sounds like a little elf giggling when he cries.
Our friend named all the babies with a Disney theme. So they already had Robin Hood and Little John, Bambi, Thumper, Pocahontas, Victoria named this little guy Sven from the reindeer in Frozen. 
I think he fits his name.

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