Sunday, July 2, 2017

Bathing Mr. Peabody

If you know anything about billy goats, you know they stink.
And you will know why they stink.
It's bath day because he stinks!
And Jacks doesn't like it when it rains, therefore he doesn't like to be bathed.
But he weathered quite well and didn't create too many problems.
We figured we might as well bathe Sven too.
It's good to get them used to doing all sorts of things.
We already know that he can scale a 5 foot fence from a stand still 
so we thought we would find out how he does with the hose and water.
He is really cute so, right now he can do just about anything and get away with it.
Though we wouldn't let him nibble on Victoria's pony tail....his favorite thing.
Our pregnant mama, Lizzy is about to give birth any day now.
I love our garden.
I love to eat what comes out of it too.
Since this picture has been taken, our plants have tripled in size.
It always amazes me how awesome Our Lord's creations are.

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