Saturday, July 22, 2017

Playing with the Kids

Little Chloe, being the runt, gets pushed out of the way at feeding time so we have bottled fed her since day one. She took to a bottle instantly because the little thing was hungry. 
So now when it is feeding time the others attack their mother's udders and little Chloe stands at the gate waiting for her bottle. She is the sweetest little goat.
She reminds me a lot of her mama. Lizzy has always been very sweet.
My cousin Kathy works in Logan occasionally so now we get to see her more frequently.
She even spends the night on our couch. I love it. Kathy is awesome.
She has always been someone whom I have loved and respected since I was very small.
 Goats are very entertaining.
Need I say more.
 Right when we are playing with the kids, Lightening comes out of the bushes and wants some lovin.
 One of the little boys saw Lightening as another goat....obviously because he jumped over Lightening. Lightening turned around and kind of looked at him like
"what did you do that for?"

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