Friday, August 15, 2014

Independence Day

We spent our 4th of July celebration in Malad, Idaho. 
Our family enjoys the small town feel, sitting along the parade route with my cousin Kathy 
and my Aunt Carol. I can't imagine not spending it with them. 
Along the parade route, they throw lots of taffy.....Lots of it. And because everyone knows Kathy, they throw extra our way. Victoria scored on the taffy. Enough to share with everyone.
Victoria took a dip in the style.
There is just something about being at Kathy's house. It is so peaceful being away 
from the hub bub of life.
 Kaleb is always making me smile. He is always entertaining us in some way.
 Jared be Mr. Cool.
We spent the whole day outside enjoying each others company and into the night,  We all still think that Malad has the best fireworks. I love having family so close to spend wonderful days with.

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Katherine said...

Thank you so much for coming to Malad, it makes the 4th so much more fun