Friday, February 12, 2010

The Celtic Musician

Daphne has been playing her violin every Saturday morning at Farmer's Market. She and her two friends have been selling their silk screened and tye dyed shirts there. In Dec. they thought Daphne should provide some musical entertainment for all who were attending. So Daphne has been playing all of her memorized music, which is alot, and still adding more. She leaves her old violin case open like she is a starving student. Generous people have been blessing her with money. Last weekend she came home with $50. Her violin teacher is ecstatic about it and is encouraging her to continue. Atleast we know she may never go hungry. (It reminds me of her Dad airbrushing shirts and selling them while living in the dorms in college.) Most of the music she plays is Irish fiddle. She plays beautifully. Okay, now I am bragging. I can't help it. All of those thousands of dollars we have spent on private lesson over the past five years has paid off. Thank you dear Lord for blessing Daphne with the gift of Music!


Katherine said...

That is wonderful! How exciting to have people show their appreciation and enjoyment by giving her money. That must be so fun for her and rewarding. Way to go Daphnie

Carol said...

That is great. I can hardly wait to hear her play.