Friday, February 12, 2010

Mentos and Soda

If you have never tried the mentos and Diet Coke trick you should atleast try it once. The kids are constantly trying to perfect their technique to get a higher fountain. For Jared's birthday we gave him an official mentos loader. It is basically a tube with a pin that holds the mentos in place until you are a fair distance away before pulling the string with the pin out. One of the times it didn't quite work right and there were two steady streams shooting out the side and right into Kalebs pants. Needless to say...there was sprayed soda everywhere. I don't think the neighbors minded. It got a little loud for nine oclock at night but that is what life is all about...having a little fun.
Jared, Kaleb, Zach and AJ.

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Katherine said...

How fun, what a perfect thing for boys to do...EXPLOSIVE, MESSY!