Friday, July 2, 2010

Project Dove

Kirk was commissioned at our church to create something to hang over their baptismal font. He came up with something he has never done before. I had some minor doubts but knowing that God is way bigger than any idea that Kirk could think up I knew he could deliver. Well, he delivered all right. A task that was expected to take only a day to hang turned into two and a half 18 hour days. I was so nervous with him 20 ft in the air on this scissor lift that I was in constant turmoil the entire time. I ended up staying with him the whole time. I wasn't sure if I was staying for moral be the runner and get whatever he on the ground to call 911 in case he falls...or to just see how much torture I can endure. It was a very stressful week but with wonderful results.

All of these hand poured water droplets had to be strung and hung on the copper tubing that swirls around the dove. I did the stringing, Kirk did the hanging. I volunteered to stay on the ground.
This scissor lift had a chain guard that clanked every move that Kirk made. The second day at about 11 p.m. I was lying on the pews to close my eyes and was starting to get delirious every time I heard the clanking of the chain. I was just glad that wasn't me up there.

Kirk is pretty amazing. He took an idea and made it real. It looked exactly like his model and design on paper. We had a few disasters along the way. We had some spiritual warfare that was cleared up with scripture that the boys posted all over our garage. His ideas are always in a very large scale and beautiful too. He is using the gifts that God has given to him. Sometimes I wish God gave him gifts in brain surgery or accounting or something. But then it wouldn't be Kirk and our life would be so dull around here. I mean...what would life be without drums of liquid acrylic in the garage, paint splatter, overspray, plastic hanging from the ceiling, or a blockade in front the washer and dryer that prevents any laundry from being done. It kind of makes you look forward to the next project... Well..

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Katherine said...

I don't even know what to say. That is very impressive, I mean REALLY IMPRESSIVE. That turned out beautiful, Kirk.