Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Kaleb!

The Apple Boy is 12!
Usually Kaleb will choose an apple over cake, ice cream, cookies.....
you name it.
But today is special.
Kaleb chose a lemonade cake from
here for his birthday cake this year.
It was a monster of a cake with twelve flaming curly cue candles.
The cream cheese frosting toned down the zip of the lemons just right.
We never do school on Birthdays.  Just one of the many perks to Homeschooling.
We went ice skating with our new Homeschool group.
We actually know people now and are making friends pretty quick.
We watched a movie watched it rain AND snow.
I love the weather here.
 This kid has some long legs and a skinny waist. 
He does own one pair of pants that are a 32 inch length.
I always ask him if his ankles are cold and he says "no".
Atleast we know that his pants won't always look like this.  It drives me crazy though.
I make him change if we are to be seen in public.
It doesn't seem to bother him.
You should see his PJ's.


Katherine said...

I have seen his PJ's..... Kaleb, Happy Birthday! Kaleb you are a sweetheart with a big heart. You are always showing acts of kindness and care for others. I hope you had a great day and your 13th year will be an awesome one. Love you Smiley. Next time I come to town you and I have a date for an ice cream cone....will you come?

Az Lowe's said...

Kaleb, You are one special young man! Happy Birthday!
The Lowes :)