Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our Newest Bike Rider

Given the right opportunity, Victoria rode her bike for the first time
without help like she had been doing it for years.
Our street in Phoenix always had so many cars and obstacles on it that
Victoria had a hard time getting enough open space to work on bike riding.
And it always seemed to hot to take her to the park to try there.
The thought of sweating and
helping her stay upright just didn't sound too appealing.
So, I took the training wheels off and we carried her bike across the field
to give it a try in the library parking lot.
Before I even got a chance to steady her bike for her
she just got on and started pedaling. 
"I guess you don't need my help".
She is very proud of herself and all smiles!


Katherine said...

And she should be! Way to go girl! It's time. I want to go on a bike ride with you remind your parents to get those tires filled with air and we will go. Just don't go too fast that I can't keep up.

Az Lowe's said...

Yipee! Victoria!
We miss you and love those rosey cheeks!
The Lowes :)