Wednesday, February 8, 2012


 Happy Birthday Jared!
I love this picture of my boys.
This reflects who they were and pretty much
who they still are.
You can see it in this picture of how much Kaleb looks up to his big brother.
I remember that it was really windy at the beach that day and a little chilly.
I can almost hear the waves crashing and smell the air.
I think Kaleb was holding onto Jared to keep from blowing away.
His pillar of strength. His hero.
My boys have a bond that comes naturally.
Jared has had many lessons in living up to that big brother role that
Kaleb has put him in.  He had no choice but has received the privelage gracefully.
Well, sometimes.

Our handsome Jared is 16, taller than both his parents
(which says a lot for both Kirk and I being 6 foot)
and ready to drive.
He already knows how to drive us all crazy, especially his littlest sister.
So I guess he could try his hand at driving a vehicle.
After much debate, Jared chose cheesecake for his cake of choice.
If you know Jared then you know how painful it is to make a decision.
Once we got the "cheesecake" part down, he had to decide
which kind.
That was painful too.  For me.......that is.
He finally decided on Turtle Cheesecake.
Then Victoria became very worried. 
She became concerned that turtles would be harmed in the process.
I assure you that no turtles were harmed,
just pecans, caramel, chocolate and lots of cream cheese.

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Katherine said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG GUY! Wow!16! What a great age to be. You are not a "little kid" anymore. That looks like an amazing cheesecake, I think I will have your mother make one for me on my birthday. Jared, your amazing young man. I have enjoyed getting to know you and see your sweet smile every time I visit. You are a big brother that many little brothers could only wish to have, how lucky for Kaleb and you. You will have to join Kaleb and me for an ice cream when I visit next.