Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sledding on Beaver Mountain

 We headed up into Logan Canyon to do some serious sledding.
It was awesome.  We all love the snow.
While we were there a storm blew in and was snowing.
While the boys and I were waiting for Kirk and the girls to
bring back the sleds, we were catching actual snowflakes
on our gloves. 
I almost had tears in my eyes. 
They were large enough to take a picture of them
but I was too busy soaking in the moment.
I didn't want to take my eyes off them.
We had never seen an actual snowflake in real life before, only in pictures.
 We could hear Daphne laugh all the way down to the curve.
 Our "No Fear" child.  She would just march to the top of the hill, plop down
on the sled and off she goes.
But......when she got tired, she could barely move.
We almost had to drag her along on the sled to the van.

My handsome boy.
I liked this picture of the girls just walking along chatting.
I love to see any of my children deep in conversation.
I keep thinking at that very moment that they are building a lasting relationship.
I love them.
Kirk raced the boys down the hill which I missed.  They looked like tiny little specs in the
view finder, so I didn't get a picture of that.
I love that our family plays together.
I love to make memories.

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Katherine said...

How fun! I wish I was there. I miss having children giving me an opportunity to play in the snow. I miss my children.... It truly is golden moments when our children bond with one another and show love and compassion. Beautiful pictures...they say so much. I am so glad that you are here and so happy.