Monday, July 30, 2012

4th of July

I can't believe it has been almost a month since the 4th of July.
We made our way up to the little ol' town of Malad in Idaho where my cousin Kathy lives on a plot of land with her husband, chickens, garden, cats, a goat and little Zeus.
The thought of a small town 4th of July parade sounded like fun. Of course we had to bring the two doggies with us since we were planning on spending the night. Oops, mistake number one.  Henry alarms us with his girlish bark that there are other dogs in sight.  And mistake number two....I didn't even think about the fire truck sirens.  Sammy was terrified and shaking.  Poor guy.  Henry could care less. He was more interested in the candy being thrown in the street and that dog that was just down the way from us.
After a late night of Freedom Fire and literally throwing ourselves together at the last minute to pile into the van, Victoria is going for the natural girl look.  No bows or braids today for this girl.
It was fun to see what farm equiptment was pulled out from storage or dusted off from the fields. The big event was gathering all the candy that was thrown to the kids.  We were just amazed that we could sit on the curb and not die from heat exhaustion. People were commenting on how hot it was and it was barely 80 degrees. 

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