Monday, July 16, 2012


 I love this picture of Kyle and Sammy.  First, they look cute together.  They match.
Second, I think it is funny.  Whenever the kids sit like this to play a game or we are in a circle praying or saying grace, or if I gather everyone for a mandatory meeting.....Sammy is right there being included.  He is on a need to know basis in our home.  He always wants to be included. Be part of his pack.
I love to see my children just hanging out playing a game.  They picked up where they left off with their cousin.  It was almost like they haven't been away all year.  Kyle is a very nice kid and is always a joy to be around.  He and Jared love to wrestle.
Notice that Sammy is in the middle of it all resting under Jared's arm.  I am always amazed how the boys will lay all over him and he never minds.

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