Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Victoria!

Our little girl is 8!
She wanted a Woodland Fairy party. 
I did ask her if she had a sword tucked under her skirt somewhere. 
She replied....Mooooom! In a sing songy voice. 
She could barely sleep the night before. 
At eleven oclock last night I heard her calling for me. 
I can't sleep!
I'm hungry!
What time was I born?
How many hours until my party?
My stomach hurts!
I think I'm hungry!
 The Woodland Party was perfect for our little fairy.
Victoria can be quite the planner. She helped as much as she could to be ready for her guests. 
This was to be her first "Friend" party.
 We played old fashioned games like, knocking the cans off the bench with a beanbag and dropping clothespins into a glass jug.  They colored Fairy bookmarks that Daphne put together for them and painted fairy houses.  Along with some good girl time with giggles and silly faces too.
She kept running up to me saying
This is the BEST day EVER!
It is hard to believe that our baby is 8!
It feels like just a short time ago she was this little baby
who wanted to be in the middle of it all
and not miss a beat with the big kids. 
 Now she seems to be one of the big kids, in the middle of it all
and not missing a beat. 
Happy Birthday Victoria!


Katherine said...

Pam, everything looks absolutely wonderful and by the way your cupcakes looks perfect. Victoria looks so happy and BEAUTIFUL. Happy Birthday Day Miss Victoria, you have a wonderful mother huh? and fun friends.

dredwinf ford said...

ohooo lovely cup cakes thanks for sharing .....

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