Monday, September 24, 2012

It's All Over

 I have never been so happy to see that our garden froze!
No More Zucchini!
Is it okay to be happy that the plants are crisped up and fried?
Oh, so sad!
I almost feel guilty to be glad that the growing season is over.
We have had a busy summer with planting, weeding, feeding,
and watering.
I am tired of our kitchen counters and fridge loaded with vegetables.
I am thrilled to see that our pumpkins are beautiful. 
They look like real pumpkins.
I know that is a wierd statement, but we had no idea
what to expect when we planted the garden back in May.
We had to pick all the pumpkins including the green ones
because the sweet deer have been snacking on them. 
They have destroyed quite a bit.  This is all we have left.
I hope the green ones orange up.
 These apples taste very sweet and crunchy. 
I think we will be making some applesauce.
We still have a row of beets to harvest as well as a row of potatoes.
The Pumpkin Master.
The Pumpkinator.

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