Monday, September 24, 2012

Preserving our Bounty

 Believe it or not.....we grew WATERMELON!
And this one didn't taste half bad.  The ones that we just piced a couple days ago are much sweeter.  It could be because it was much riper.  In fact, it had rolled from the back of the van to the front and split on  the bracket to the seat.  It made a popping sound with the impact.
That one tasted really good.
I still can't believe that we grew them ourselves.
 We canned peaches for the first time.....EVER! 
We bought a half bushel in Brigham City at one of their numerous fruit stands.
I had to hurry up and do something with them before the kids ate them all.  Everytime I turned around someone was eating a peach.
We got 12 quarts plus filled bellies many times over.
We love cucumbers and didn't want any to go to waste. 
SO.....we made cucumber relish. 
It was really neat to put my mom's cast iron grinder to use. When we were kids, my Mom would pack a lunch to spend a day at the beach. She would make bologne and pickle sandwiches with that grinder.  It would totally gross me out.  I have made it an oathe to never buy bologne and feed it to my family let alone grind bologne and pickles together. My mom and sister loved it.
I didn't.
But this cucumber relish is very tasty and great on hamburger patties and all sorts of hot dogs.

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