Monday, September 24, 2012

Almost DONE!

 I have to say our garden is coming to an END!
Aren't these the most beautiful carrots you have ever seen.
They are quite puny but tasty.  My cousins grew much bigger.
I don't know what our problem was. I am just thankful that they actually grew.
 They grew in all shapes and sizes.
 We were picking apples in the back when this little garden snake pratically slithered over my foot.
Kaleb has come across this little snake several times.
 I have to say that not too long ago I would have freaked out at the sight of this creature.
I have become desensitized to snakes, praying mantis',
grasshoppers, spiders, beetles......definately grasshoppers!
 Here is one happy Apple Man!
Kaleb loves apples.  When he was a toddler, I would catch him eating an apple until there was nothing left.  I don't even know how he would get the fridge door open.  But he would.
Sometimes I would find the fruit drawer open part ways with the fridge door open.
Always an indication that Kaleb was in the fridge getting an apple.

As Kaleb and I were picking apples, we both were amazed to see where we are today.
Who would have thought that just a year ago we were packing to move.
We love living here.  This is the life that Kirk and I wanted 25 years ago.
I guess it took us a little while to get here.
It took a lot of listening, praying and perseverence.
It is an absolute miracle that we are even living here ........
 picking apples.

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