Monday, September 24, 2012

Camping in Smithfield Canyon

 We realized that Autumn temperatures are upon us
so we decided to squeeze in a camping trip.
Just and overnighter.  Here is the funny part.
We drove 9 miles from our house to camp in a beautiful canyon beside a flowing creek.
I picked Victoria up from gymnastics at 6 pm and we were in our campsite at 6:40pm.
Daphne was inspired to construct fairy furniture.
Pretty impressive.

 We needed to just hang out and do whatever came to mind.
For Kaleb, that was exploring every nook and cranny of the creek.
 I love this picture of Jared.  I can see him just like this when he was little.
I love that my kids will fiddle around in their surroundings
and not get caught up with worldly things.
Victoria is still small enough to conveniently grab a seat in her Daddy's lap.
 I sat beside the creek
And kept watching this single strand of grass swaying in the breeze.
 There is just something about running water.
Kirk and I would go to the beach all the time to just
watch the waves when we lived in California.
I would go almost every day if I could make it.
We have been missing the boisterous sound of water all these years living in the desert.
See, I'm here.


syeds said...

Like your Toes nail polish.

Camping in UK

Katherine said...

Daphnie, the fairy furniture is truly have artistic talent...the whole family does. Love, love the story you captured in pictures.