Monday, September 16, 2013

Star Academy Teen Picnic

 Right before classes started back with Star Academy, we had a teen picnic for all the teens. This is a great group of kids. I love them all. They all love to just be together and play games. We made it easy on ourselves with school quickly approaching and ordered pizzas. Man, these kids can pack away pizza!
It took some time to get them serious so we could take a group shot. I had to practically bribe them to get them serious. Victoria was in the thick of it. One of the benefits of being a leaders daughter. She gets to hang out and do extra activities that younger kids aren't invited to.  Kirk was there too. We had an awesome time. We left after dark which was well after 9pm at the time. No one really wanted to go home. Even some of the mom's hung around a little and visited. It was a wonderful evening and a great start to a fabulous school year.

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