Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Victoria!

Our baby is 9!
Looking back over these past 9 years has been a whirlwind of adventure with Victoria. She is what I call a tough cookie. I guess she has to be to handle two older brothers the way she does. There are many perks to her position in life. I often think about what life will be like when she is in high school and the only one at home. Still squeezing in between her dad and I on the couch. For now, I can wait. I want her to grow up slowly, take her time. Experience life and all it's blessings. I love that she already likes to sew, create and bake. She is a take charge kind of girl.
"You want brownies? I'll make them".
I think her brothers take advantage of that sometimes. Hopefully dropping enough hints that she catches on and finds herself craving something chocolately.
She is the spice of our lives.

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Katherine said...

Wow, what a beautiful young lady. I can't believe this is the little girl we first met years ago when your family drove through from Yellowstone. Victoria is a bundle of energy and joy....what a sweetheart. Happy Birthday Victoria