Saturday, November 29, 2014

November in a Flash!

I love Autumn!
I love Summer too. And both seasons have just zoomed past us.
Is there such a thing as getting a grip on life?

 Life has had it's ups and downs. One of the ups is that Nana and Poppa are in our lives!
I think I know where I get some of my crazy ideas.
 Victoria is right up there. No way will she be left behind.
Notice the cow watching them to the left.
Victoria managed to get her presentation on Jamestown completed in time for the History Fair.
We had a great time researching Jamestown together.
 Jared has now learned to not hit the brakes when you start to slide on the snow. 
The girls saw him do it at a very slow speed. 
Glad to know he wasn't driving too fast.
 Jared offered to drive the girls to ice skating just down the street.
After he did it, Victoria ran up to him to ask him if he wanted her to call me for help.
She is such a take charge kind of girl.
 We called the tow truck since there was actually a foot and a half drop off on the other side of the curb. The guy said he had pulled someone off that very spot a week earlier because they weren't paying attention and just drove over the curb. I told Jared that at least he didn't do something stupid like that. His mishap is all about learning to drive in the snow.
 Three days later......
Daphne's in the emergency room getting stitches (actually glued) under her chin. 
She slipped and fell on the kitchen floor. 
This has been a rough month.
 Jared now comes home from "school" filthy dirty!
And smiling. Always.
Oh, and his Carhartt jacket is his new best friend.
 I had toast in the morning and found this crumb...
And then I dropped it on the floor by accident where the dog ate it.
How he saw that I have no idea.
 Our 4H group has been learning all about cake decorating. They practically begged to build gingerbread houses. They planned it all and had a wonderful time together.

Believe it or not, I don't have a single picture of Thanksgiving with my cousin Kathy, Troy and Blue, at my parents new house.
Our family is thankful for so much.
We are thankful for the roof over our heads,
the food on our table,
gas in the car,
a warm bed to sleep in,
and a God who loves us.

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