Saturday, November 29, 2014


Samson came to us 6 years ago.
He was out on his own roaming the streets when he was picked up by a friend.
He slept for three days straight and was the weirdest looking puppy I had ever seen.
His back legs are so short that they look like they belong to some other dog. His neck is that of a basset hound and his head is that of a Queensland Heeler.
His nose....definitely basset.
He sniffs the carpet so deeply, that we are sure that there are objects stuck to the basement ceiling. He is the biggest baby when it comes to loud noises. July is a hard month for him.
His tongue, I am positive, is that of a giraffe. He has the longest prehensile tongue that we have ever witnessed. And boy does he use it.
He has eaten a tub of butter, an entire box of Cheezeits, a entire loaf of freshly baked zucchini bread,
among lots of other goodies. But most recently, he and his accomplice Henry, ate two loaves of cinnamon bread!

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