Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I know You're Jealous!

It's okay,
You can say you are completely envious of our Home Depot industrial strength power cord.
110 year old houses come with questionable electricity.
In this case, we had a power outage during a thunder storm, which is quite common here. 
The unfortunate part is it blew the circuit board in our oven....
therefore, we not only have to use our little convection oven that we use in the summer out in the garage to keep the kitchen from heating up (hence the no A/C...remember 110 years old) but we have to buy a new oven as well. AFTER.....we have an electrician check the outlet. 
Don't you just love the crappy cupboards and counter top?
Not to mention the ancient vinyl linoleum.
The good part is that I have Sammy to protect the floor....
just in case a pancake jumps off the plate or something.

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