Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New Babies!

So....about March I started to suspect that Lizzy was pregnant.
That rascal Jacks had something to do with that!
Victoria and I couldn't seem to remember when the last time she went into heat. So we counted out 150 days for gestation from when we last remembered and came up with the possibility of having new baby goats June 9th!
We were close! Two new baby goats came into the world on June 8th!
Kaleb and I had just left to go fishing in Logan Canyon when Kirk called and said he was pretty sure that Lizzy was about to give birth. So we high tailed it back home to see these two little miracles just minutes after they were born. Kirk and Victoria saw it all happen.
Lizzy did really well and quickly showed us good motherly instincts
Both babies looks just like mom and simply adorable.
Just seconds old they were licked clean and standing on wobbly little hooves.
This little one above is a buckling. He looks like he has pajama pants on so we are calling him PJ.
His name fits him quite well. He seems to like me. Whenever I walk into their pen he comes up to me for me to pick him up and hold him. I think we have another lap goat like his mama.
This sweet baby is a doeling that Victoria named Ella. Both have beautiful blue eyes like their parents.
One happy Mama.
I love Lizzy's sweet smile.
I think she has done a wonderful job of caring for her little darlings.
Just after they were born and were standing on wobbly legs they were talking to each other. Lizzy was between the two of them responding to each one as they bleated. She kept turning her head, responding and then looking at the other one, responding...over and over until they settled down.
It was so sweet!
Lizzy is already teaching them bad habits. We found all three of them sleeping in the bottom of the hay trough. The babies were tucked under the wire that holds the hay up.
PJ is on the left and Miss Ella is on the right.
24 hours old
Proud mama watching over her little ones.
God's precious little creatures.
We are so blessed to be living where we are living.
Our house may not be up to date and very old but having almost one and a half acres of land where we can have the goats and the garden and everything else that is going on, is something that Kirk and I have waited a lifetime to experience.
And we have it right at our finger tips.
God is  Good...All the Time!

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