Sunday, August 7, 2016

Green Canyon to Logan Canyon

Kaleb is always up for a hike. He makes a great hiking buddy.
Though these past few years I have slowed down a little
in my hiking.....or he is getting faster.
We got the bright idea to hike from Green Canyon to Wind Cave in Logan Canyon.
It took us 4o minutes to actually find the trailhead. And then when we did find it 
it was practically under our noses....Duh!
 We started early to beat the heat....that darn Arizona thinking.
We nearly froze our behinds off.
Not to mention the higher elevation. I got dizzy a couple times and had 
to take quite a few rests to even out my breathing.
There were tiny warm breezes that were floating down these little valleys 
on the trail leading down the side of the mountain. 
On these little breezes were tons of butterflies flitting about.
It was very magical.

 The best part about hiking with Kaleb is he likes to look at the same things I do.
Whether it's a wildflower that we haven't seen or like this spider web that we caught 
with the perfect lighting.
 It is incredible how lush and green the north side of the mountain is.
 This was living proof that we made it to the top.
Though we did opt to not go down the other side to Wind Cave.
We literally ran back down to the van.
We felt like monkeys staying low to the ground so we didn't crash.

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