Sunday, August 7, 2016

Let the Games Begin!

Kirk finally had time to reset the swings and deck since we moved them last Fall.
The kittens supervised the entire operation from the tree watching his every move.
 These two kittens have more courage and bravery than any cat I have ever seen.
And they have 50 trees to choose from to play in on our property.
 Jacks is like a dog. You have to run him for him to feel like he had a very fulfilling day.
Because we bottle fed him for 6 weeks, he is really quite the gentle guy for being a manly goat.
He has never head butted Victoria. And when he plays with her he is gentle.
 On the other hand.....
He loves to use all his male testosterone on other male beings.
And since there aren't any other male goats to play with he 
settles for the other guys in the family.
 He started the challenge when he had an ADD moment while chasing Victoria....
He saw his buddies playing a board game on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.
 Oooh, Jared teased Jacks.......
 Nothing is sacred with a goat.
They are very agile creatures.
 Off you go bud.....
 Kaleb can usually get Jacks running at full steam.
He loves to rear up and head but you with full power until just before contact,
then he hits you soft. 
 And the crowd cheers from the bleachers!
 He wants front row seating. Now this little guy doesn't hold back when he head butts 
you unlike his Dad.
 Another ADD moment while chasing Kaleb.
 Thunder is attempting to slink down in the grass as low as she can 
so he might...not...see...her....
 Thunder holding her ground.
 She had a look on her face stink!
Thunder saved by ADD once again.
Jacks saw that I had the camera.
He always has to taste the strap.
Yep, it tastes the same as it did before.

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