Sunday, September 18, 2016

Obedience, Agility and Showmanship Trials

 We can rarely get Henry to listen to any of our commands but get him in the ring for 4H and he does listen to Victoria....especially if he gets a time out.
 He is a super fast runner when it comes to the tunnels, 
the A Frame,

and the teeter-totter. 
We think he loves the attention and just the plain fun of running through the course.
Though he is known for getting out of his collar. This time he did it three times.
 He loves the treats too.
Victoria does an amazing job with him.
He ran the fastest course of 38 seconds.
Remy is the 4H mascot. He runs agility professionally and can do the course in 15 sec. He is amazing and Rachel has trained him so well.
 In between trials the kids played games using the agility equipment.
 Even Jill's husband, Mr. Romo from Romo's Mediterranean Grill got in on the game.
 All the kids had a blast together. Every moment they had they played games or walked around the fair together.
Little visitors in the canal behind our area.
 The canal made a perfect place to wash out the tunnel after one of the dogs peed in it.
Everytime that happens, Henry will absolutely not enter that tunnel. 
So we washed it out immediately. It did the trick.
 4H kids love their animals. I came across this little girl taking a nap with her pig.
 4H dogs and kids Rule!

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