Sunday, September 18, 2016

This and That

 A deer was a little too helpful and pulled down a branch heavily laden with apples.
Thunder is helping, how much, I'm not sure.
 Absolutely, "the" best fly catcher! 
Great idea Daphne.
A visitor in the middle of the day.
He ate more cherry tree leaves. Ugh!
Some of the 4H kids did the pre-rodeo show at the Box-Elder County Fair.
Once again, they had a blast.
Henry and Thunder shocking us.
 We still find it hard to believe that they can be this close to 
each other without Henry spoiling the moment.
 Good job Henry!
 Daphne picked up the watering can to water plants and found it extremely heavy.
It was filled....
 Lightning is such a pretty kitty.

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