Friday, October 7, 2016

All covered up!

We ripped up linoleum only to find....guess what?!
Isn't that amazing?
Under the carpet we found painted hardwood flooring. Most of it isn't and in beautiful shape.
What a relief.
These kittens are amazing. The noise of the vacuum
 doesn't seem to bother them. Thunder wanted a nap so she ended
 up taking one on my shoulder.
Nice tar adhesive stuck to the floor which Kirk steamed off with a
steamer. It still isn't done. We have so much more to do.
It takes lots of muscle power to scrape that off.
Anything is better than that carpet.
Why there are two heater vents here I have no idea. 
Wait, maybe the one with crayon melted to it is....special!
Gotta love the holes.

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