Friday, October 7, 2016

Our Garden

I am definately running behind in updating all these pictures.
These sunflowers are now drying in the shed to feed to the chickens
in a month or two. It will keep them busy pecking the individual seeds out.
I love this honey suckle that we planted. The flowers are actually pink and yellow. 
The colors of a sunset.
The butternut squash came in like gang busters and is now
stored deep in our basement to eat at a later date in 
stew or roasted. Yum!
Our watermelon this year is Yellow! Yes, yellow. It freaks with your mind.
It makes you think that you are about to eat pineapple, only, its watermelon.
Something happened to our big pumpkins. I think the plant must have died. Though we
do have some medium pumpkins and a bunch of pie pumpkins, and tons of jack-be-littles
 that have snuck through the fence and growing in our neighbors yard.
I would say our garden is a huge success. But now that it is October, it was a huge success.
We picked the last of our tomatoes since it is going to freeze tonight.
Funny how we can't wait for the garden to start flourishing and then toward the end
I can't wait to rip it out!
Our awesome apple tree is abundant with fruit. We now have lots of quart jars
 of applesauce and dried apples. Kaleb's favorite, so he is in charge of drying the fruit.
He who eats the most has to make it too.
George is officially locked out of the coop.
 In his normal rooster self he is tormenting the girls.
Time to fend for himself and leave the girls be. Now they can 
get busy with what they need to be doing, like laying eggs.

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