Friday, October 7, 2016

4H Dock Diving

Victoria and Kaleb's 4H group is awesome. They did a dock diving for fun after the fair in August.
A storm blew in with 60 mph winds. We finally had to pack it up and leave. 
At least it was warm.

Henry is the splashiest swimmer. He needs to learn to paddle under the water.
The girls gave up on the dogs and decided to swim on their own.
This fantastic dog Remy is now playing fetch with Jesus. He had to retire from being a champion in the agility ring. About a year ago he started having seizures and just last week they couldn't stop him from seizing. They had to put him down and has left a huge amount of grief to his dear Mother Rachel. He was more than just a pet. He was a dear companion, friend, and awesome dog. Our beloved 4H mascot Remy will always be remembered.

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