Saturday, February 4, 2017


Kaleb has caught the bandit!
There have been clues as to who is getting into our chicken feed.
At first we thought it was Kaleb in his forgetful way leaving the lid off of the chicken feed every morning. But then when he knew for sure that he had put the lid on and found it off the next morning he decided to put a fairly large rock.
Where he managed to find a rock under three feet of snow I have no idea.
Anyway, the next morning, the rock was rolled off and the lid was sitting beside the chicken feed.
Hmmm, wouldn't be a cat. They wouldn't be able to get the lid off and the ground was too frozen outside to find tracks.
We think it's a raccoon!
 Kaleb, in his scientific thinking sprinkled flour all around the bucket of chicken feed to catch some tracks. He jokingly said that he would go in the next morning and the raccoon would have licked up all the flour.
Nope....the guy walked right  through it leaving tracks but didn't pull the lid off this time.
 The pictures are a little hard to see but Kaleb's tracking worked!
Notice the long fingers and long back foot.
We are thinking that we need to call for someone to trap the guy. 
We really don't want him to get into our chicken coop.

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