Saturday, February 4, 2017

Quinzee Snow Shelter

 Kaleb is insane!
Sometimes I can't believe that he is my son.
All week I have been feeling cold no matter how high the heater is on or how many layers of clothing I have on and Kaleb couldn't stop talking about sleeping outside.
 We got an easy three feet of snow on top of the two that we already have on the ground.
With the below freezing temps, Kaleb went on and on how great the weather conditions were to building a quinzee for him to sleep in.
He was thinking about building it big enough for both he and Jared to sleep in but we decided that Jared would hit the roof with the question considering that he spends most of his time out doors as a carpenter. We were right, except the look on his face was priceless. I couldn't ever duplicate that look myself.
 Kirk and I followed him outside like we were following the astronauts to the space shuttle before lift off. I must have asked him three times if he thought he was going to be warm enough.
He said....yep!
I then double checked that this structure was going to be adequate for him to sleep in
He said...Oh, I've slept in know Mom, you don't need to know. This is the best snow shelter that I will have slept in. Really!
I think my boys know what worries their mother.
I guess things I don't know won't hurt me!
 It got down to minus 8 inside his shelter.
Whoa! That's cold!
He said he wasn't really that cold.
When I came down stairs at 6am to check on him and see how his night went I found his stuff in a heap by the back door. I started looking all over the house for him, he was on the couch fully clothed.
He said....I survived!
Better him than me!

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