Thursday, February 26, 2009

100 Days of Practice!

Daphne and Kaleb earned their medal in Violin for practicing 100 days in a row. This was Kaleb's first time, Daphne's third. Kaleb's music greatly improved by practicing For a while before he committed to practicing 100 days we thought he was going to give up playing the violin for a while. But he committed, along with Daphne and they persevered. We had a couple late night scales when they almost forgot! Whew! I am really proud of them as well as their violin teacher, Shari. She is such an inspiration to the kids. She cracks us up almost every lesson. She can be really funny. You would have to sit through a lesson. It would be alot easier than explaining. Shari is an extremely talented individual. We are so blessed that the kids have been able to study violin under her.


Katherine said...

Way to go Kaleb and Daphne. That his something to be proud of. That is very impressive. People are not taught to persevere and endure. That is an important quality of character.

Stephenson said...

Congratulations Daphne and Kaleb.

Carol said...

I wish I could have been there to watch them perform. I miss you guys. Pam, look at what Kathy did to my blog. Love you all.