Sunday, June 7, 2009

San Diego

We took a extremely needed trip to San Diego. We have been studying Marine Biology this past year. What a great field trip! A visit to the beach, Sea World and hopefully the tide pools. It was awesome to get away and take a break. After spending so many years in my youth at the beach it was like coming home. The salty air, the wind, sand, sea weed. It felt incredibly comfortable to be here. Victoria was amazed of how much sand was there. She just couldn't wait to dig! Every childs dream. There is just something so calming about watching the waves roll in and out. Expert castle builders! I freely volunteered to hang out on shore with Victoria while she played in the sand. It was a bit chilly that morning. We aren't used to cooler weather.

We managed to visit the tide pools at just the right time. They were loaded with activity from crabs.

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Katherine said...

How fun! We love visiting the beach and I agree with you Pam, it is very nostalgic. I love the picture of your feet, I was trying to figure out whos were whos. I am surprised that all of you didn't think you were freezing. How long were you over there and did you stay in a hotel?