Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random Pictures

Kathy, you are going to laugh at this...It is 5 p.m. and 90 degrees and the kids are outside playing. In fact we are all out in the yard along with the dogs and mosquitoes. The heat has been a little oppressive lately. I went out to water the trees and it actually felt kind of cool. So after announcing the air temp. there was a mad dash for the back door. The kids are saying "It's kind of nice out here".

Victoria wanted a "big kid" project to do so I pulled out our potholder loom. I remember doing these when I was a kid. They have nicer material now than what I remember even from when Daphne was a little girl.
Toby wouldn't move so Kirk made him in the bed. And he still wouldn't move... crazy cat! He has been so lovey since we have been back from our trip. The ol guy really missed us.

Just a cute picture of Victoria.

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Katherine said...

I agree, it is a cute picture of Victoria. I remember making those potholder too. It was 90 up here at 5:00 pm and I decided it was too hot to go walking, I go at about 7:30. Cats are fun creatures. I miss you!