Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Kyle

It's Kyle's 16th birthday this week. So we celebrated. My Mom picked him up for the day. I baked him a marble fudge cake and planted 16 candles on top. The heat radiating from the cake was pretty intense in an already hot environment. We were in the pool from 1 to 7. I actually got out at 7 because I was cold. I know...really wierd. It was still nearly 100 but I was shivering. We hated to leave because the kids were having such a great time but the girls were having a hard time keeping their eyes open. The boys were having coordinated dive sessions. And challenges to see if they could get Kaleb and Jared on Kyle's shoulders. These kids have just sprouted. Jared is almost my height and is about to pass up his sister. Kyle is already taller than me. They just aren't these little kids anymore. At one point I asked my Mom if she was okay with them nearly splashing a quarter of the pools water out. She said "yeah, I'll just fill it back up tomorrow". She didn't want to stop their fun either. What a great way to wrap up the season... swimming, hot dogs, and great company.

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Katherine said...

Pam, this is awesome. You all needed this. Being able to serve others is a wonderful blessing. Kyle will always remember the kindness you showed him.