Sunday, September 19, 2010

Biology Experiment #1

For Jared's first Biology experiment he needed pond water in 4 jars to grow some pretty nasty smelling liquid. I will tell you about that in a minute. As he was obtaining the water these little hispanic kids were instantly on him asking a million questions. They really wanted to know if he was catching fish. The little kid in the white shirt showed us the fish he caught. It was in a water bottle. How he got a four inch fish that was double the diameter of the opening into that water bottle...I have no idea. Poor fish. I asked him how in the world did he get it in there and he said "oh, it fit". My cousin Rich called and we had a great conversation talking about what both of us have been up to. As we were talking he and Mary Kaye were up in a canyon out of American Fork, Utah sitting beside a lake taking in the cool weather and fall colors. I guess we won't be experiencing any of that any time soon. Cool weather or fall colors. We also ran into a our friend Meaghan and her little boy Trevor. He could fit into our family perfect with his color hair. He was trying to get up the nerve to come pet Sammy. He is used to big labs. I guess smaller dogs kind of wierded him out. He was so cute. I am glad that we got a chance to see them. Meaghan was like a big sister to Daphne for quite a few years and her younger brother is Jared's buddy Doug.As for the stinky water, Jared put pond water in four jars. He added straw to one, uncooked rice to another, cooked egg yolk to one and composted soil to another. We thought it was a tie between the rice and yolk as to which ones were the worse smelling. It was too hot to work with the microscope outside so he did it at the kitchen counter with incense burning beside him. It was pretty bad. And it was a little freaky viewing what is in that water. Pretty creepy with these little tiny organisms racing around, paramecium, and an abundance of these little spiky ball things with big pointy ends. He spent two hours pouring over numerous slides drawing what he saw. He was a constant distraction to the other kids with all the "whoa...look at this..." and "wow, where did it go...". I was happy for that distraction and that he was really getting into the subject. I love Biology.

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